Made In Chelsea spoilers: Will Binky Felstead and JP get back together?

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It's make or break for Binky Felstead and Josh 'JP' Patterson on tonight's Made In Chelsea.

In tonight's show on E4 at 9PM, the fallout from Binky and JP's break up continues after the pair split last Monday night.

Binky's mum steps in to try and fix the relationship but JP has doubts.

"There are too may ifs and buts," he says.

Binky is determined to make things work out if JP is on board, leading to another tense and emotional showdown between the pair.

It all goes down at Stephanie Pratt's mega party for her 30th birthday, which itself causes drama.

Steph decides to invite former-pal-turned-rival Lucy along but wants to be clear it doesn't mean anything.

She tells Ollie Locke: "I've invited everyone because I don't want to exclude anyone, I've invited James and Lucy.

"It wasn't like I was extending an olive branch, I just didn't want anyone to be excluded... I just don't want to exclude anyone, I was excluded so much this year."

Ollie suggests: "I just think deep down in my heart that you want to be friends with Lucy again."

But Steph replies: "Maybe the old Lucy, this one's a bitch."


Will Lucy accept Stephanie's invite and attend the party?

Elsewhere, there's more drama in the Frankie-Jamie-Jess love triangle.

Frankie is furious with Jamie when she hears that he said he'd be jealous if his ex Jess hooked up with someone, and Jess's attempts to smooth over the situation only make things worse.

Meanwhile, following her recent split from Alik, Louise Thompson finds a new love interest.

Made In Chelsea 2016 continues Monday night on E4 at 9PM.

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