Made In Chelsea recap! JP dumps Binky as Jess and Jamie come to blows

Made In Chelsea 2016, episode 9 recap: What happened on Made In Chelsea?

made in chelsea binky 2016

It was a drama filled episode of Made In Chelsea last night as more relationship drama rocked SW3.

In the latest episode news that JP had dumped Binky after a drunken night out was all anyone was talking about.

Binky, who confessed to JP about kissing another guy, admitted: "I know I've f**ked up, I hate cheating, I've been cheated on, it wasn't intentional...I've shocked myself."

She had support from pals Louise, Rosie, Ollie and also Steph, who brushed it off as a "drunken kiss".

"After six tequilas, I'm kissing the doorman!" she quipped.

made in chelsea 2016 jp binky

However JP was NOT impressed at all.

He ranted about Binky to Lucy and James: "Are you the sort of person who can't allow yourself to be happy, do you have to be destructive?"

Lucy attempted to play down the incident by claiming that Binky had just got "carried away" after a few drinks.

She explained: "It's not an excuse, I don't want you thinking she wants to get with other people, that's not what it is."

With the pair advising JP to talk to Binky, he replied: "I'm so angry, I hate her."

But JP did meet up with Binky and in a tear-jerker of a scene, said he couldn't forgive her actions.

"Maybe I'm not the person you're meant to be with," he said, "I can't forgive you for this, not now."

Speaking about the break up later to the girls, Binky admitted: "It was probably the worst thing I've ever had to do, it was the most horrific thing."

JP soon found himself being pestered to give Binky a second chance but he wasn't having any of it.

In one scene, JP snapped at Ollie: "You don't need to stick up for her. I will have an issue if people will put their foot in."

Meanwhile, Frankie and Jamie met up after she walked away from him last week following revelations he kissed another girl on a recent skiing trip.

After being told by Jamie's ex Jess "once a cheat always a cheat", Frankie said she didn't want to go out with him any more.

Jess' comments angered Jamie but she was equally annoyed at him after going on a date with Matt, who revealed Jamie had warned him about her.

Jess and Jamie ended up confronting one another about what they had each been saying and a confession came out from Jess: "We can never just be friends, I think you know what I'm saying."

made in chelsea jess 2016

Jamie agreed and admitted he would get jealous if Jess dated another guy.

Elsewhere, Louise spoke briefly about last week's break up between her and Alik Alfus.

She told Rosie: "I hate thinking about the end but he's left, he said he's not going to get in touch with me so the ball's in my court."

made in chelsea toff

Finally, away from all the drama, Toff had an interview for her dream job at The Lady magazine - and got the role.

"I've never had a proper job and I feel like it's time," she remarked to Victoria and Mark-Francis.

Made In Chelsea airs Monday nights on E4 at 9PM.

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