Made In Chelsea recap! Louise dumps Alik while Frankie walks away from Jamie

Made In Chelsea 2016, episode 8 recap: What happened on Made In Chelsea?

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There were relationship breakdowns all around in last night's Made In Chelsea.

It was Episode 8 of Made In Chelsea's latest 2016 series this week and Louise Thomspon returned from her make-or-break holiday in St Barths with the shocking news that she has split up with Alik Alfus.

As Louise came to terms with her heartbreak, Alik resolved to get his girl back. Desperate to try and speak to Louise, he spoke to her brother Sam via FaceTime.

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"We were completely close and in love. Talking marriage, kids and life, I don't really understand how we can be that close one day and she says she needs a break the next, I don't even know what the break means" Alik revealed.

"Mate, the way she tells it, it doesn't sound like a break," Sam replied, delivering a blow to Alik: "It sounds like it's permanent."

Later, Alik flew in to London to in a last ditch attempt to save the relationship on the advice of his dad.

But Alik's surprise visit didn't quite get the appreciative response he may have hoped for, as Louise reacted simply: "Why are you here?"

Alik told her: "I understand that you need space... but I feel completely in love with you... you and I have something so special that it's not fair to throw it away. I want to be with you"

However a teary Louise made it clear the relationship was over, telling a confused Alik: "It's too late, I'm sorry."

Meanwhile, Frankie walked away from Jamie after yet more rumours of him getting with other girls.

After taking her to meet his parents, Jamie was forced to come clean about kissing another girl on a recent ski trip.

"It was literally nothing," he told Frankie. "I will never hurt you."

"Well you have tried already," Frankie replied. "I think you're an a**ehole and I don't believe anything you say, that's where I'm at right now, I don't want to be with you."

She added, walking away: "Bye, have fun."

Elsewhere, Jess gave Richard a piece of her mind following his treatment of Toff.

"To pick her up and drop her like that... did you even like her at all? At any point?" she complained. "I think you owe her a really big apology."

Toff herself took aim at Richard: "I just don't want to see his stupid hair or face for at least a week!"

The pair did however meet up to try and make things less awkward but only succeeded in making it all even more awkward.

Finally in last night's Made In Chelsea, Stephanie met up with Ollie Locke and ranted about being "s**t on" by her friends.

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Taking her mind off things, Ollie organsied a night out in a gay club and declared: "I don't think I'll ever date a woman again."

Made In Chelsea 2016 airs Monday nights on E4.

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