Made In Chelsea 2016: Stephanie Pratt WILL be back very soon...

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Stephanie Pratt made a sharp exit from Made In Chelsea last week after turning pretty much everyone against her.

An attempt to improve relationships between her and the girls on a trip to the Maldives only resulted in things getting worse.

Last Monday we saw Stephanie reveal she was taking some time out from the show, but the American reality star won't be away for too long.

Saying she'll return to our screens soon, Stephanie said of the drama so far this year: "It's been really difficult but I do still have some castmates that I do really care about.

"From the fans it's been the nicest feeling ever.

"I cannot express how much I love the viewers for being so supportive."

Chatting to The Sun newspaper, Stephanie went on to reveal we'll get to see her celebrate her 30th birthday on the show, which took place last month.

"It was the most fun ever," Steph teased of her "huge party".

She explained: "I celebrated it half in London and half in New York all my LA friends flew to New York so I had my LA and New York friends and then in London I celebrated it with my friends.

"After that party, I went out for drinks with other friends that aren't on the show so it was really nice - a lot of celebrating.

"It's funny because I didn't want to do anything for it because I was like 'oh my God I'm so old' then I was like just because that's my age, it's not like a death sentence or anything like that.

"So I got over myself really fast and started planning parties."

Made In Chelsea continues Monday nights at 9PM on E4.

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