Made In Chelsea spoilers! Lucy Watson and Sam Thompson showdown

And is it all over for Toff and Richard Dinan?

made in chelsea 2016 spoilers

Lucy Watson and Sam Thompson come face to face on tonight's latest Made In Chelsea 2016 episode.

It's after Sam and Lucy's sister Tiff reunited in last week's show following revelations that she had cheated on him - and Lucy knew all about it.

Although happily reunited with Tiff, Sam is still feuding with her sister for attacking him despite knowing Tiff's secrets.

Will Lucy give Sam the apology he is so adamant he deserves or is the bond between them broken?

Fighting Lucy's corner, her boyfriend James Dunmore tells Sam in tonight's show: "You were attacking her, I think there's a better way to talk to somebody."

But Sam replies "It's just as much her as it is me."

And even Tiff gets on Lucy's back, telling her sis: "I think you should just apologise."

What will happen when the pair sit down?

Meanwhile, Jamie is seemingly besotted with Frankie and keen to make her his girlfriend, but unbeknown to him, Nicola has information about an alleged infidelity that threatens to derail his plans.

She spills to Frankie about rumours doing the rounds that Jamie has got with another girl, leaving Frankie more than a little annoyed.

Ans elsewhere, Toff is finally getting the romantic date with Richard she has lusted after for so long.

But is the long-haired lothario going to provide the happily-ever-after that Toff has been dreaming of?

"We get on great... as friends, but we are not compatible," he tells her.

Made In Chelsea airs at 9PM on Monday nights on E4.