Made In Chelsea spoilers: What's Jamie Laing been up to now?

made in chelsea 2016 spoilers

Jamie Laing finds himself in hot water in this week's Made In Chelsea 2016.

Last week saw Jamie defend himself from rumours had he had got with another girl on a night out in Liverpool while he was seeing Frankie Gaff.

This week the rumour mill is churning out more stories.

In Monday night's episode, Nicola Hughes informs Frankie of the latest talk doing the rounds on Chelsea's streets.

"I do really like him I just don't trust him," says Frankie.

"It's just annoying that all the rumours are flying around," replies Nicola.

She continues: "I don't want to get involved in your and Jamie's business, I don't want to be on Jamie's bad side... I was with a few of my friends and they did mention that they heard that Jamie had got with some girl last week.

"I don't know any specifics, I don't know her name or where it was... he's definitely getting up to stuff.

"I know that's a horrible thing to hear, Jamie's an idiot."

Frankie reacts: "I was so close to trusting him that's so disrespectful, that's really pissed me off."

Elsewhere on the show this week, Sam and Tiff may be back together but he is still feuding with her sister Lucy.

Meanwhile, Toff and Richard go on a romantic date but he has a shocking confession to make.

Made In Chelsea 2016 airs at 9PM on Monday nights on E4.

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