Made In Chelsea RECAP! Sam and Tiff reunite while Stephanie LEAVES

Made In Chelsea recap: What happened on Made In Chelsea?

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Sam Thompson vowed to stay with Tiff Watson on Made In Chelsea 2016 last night, as Stephanie Pratt made a sudden exit from the show.

Last night's episode saw the fallout from last week's revelations that Tiff had cheated on Sam while on a trip to Hong Kong.

Sam sought advice from sister Louise while Tiff spoke with her sister Lucy.

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"You have to put yourself in his shoes, he's going to be completely gutted," she told her.

"I knew it would come out, nothing stays secret especially if you tell Stephanie Pratt," quipped Tiff, who admitted she was "glad" it was out as now "it's not haunting me."

Meanwhile Stephanie made an escape from the Chelsea scene having turned most of the girls against her.

"I'm tired of chasing them to defend my character," she said as she left town. "I just need a break, I am exhausted."

New couple Toff and Richard had a few issues in the latest episode, prompting Toff to organise a posh get together to prove she could be mature.

Later, Lucy and Sam bumped into one another prompting a bit of a clash between the pair over how much she knew of Tiff's cheating.

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Sam told Lucy he had 'lost respect' for her for covering it up, to which she reacted: "You've got deep rooted issues with me and it's weird, why can't you just grow up?"

At Tiff's party, Lucy also found herself under attack from Louise for supposedly conspiring to make Sam look like the bad guy.

"I don't understand why this is becoming about me," complained Lucy as she accused Louise of "coming at me".

When Sam and Tiff finally came to face to face there was an intense and emotional reunion.

"You've embarrassed me, how am I going to trust you again?" asked Sam.

Tiff replied: "I made a mistake, people learn from their mistakes and don't do it again, you need to realise that. This has been the worst week of my life, I wouldn't do it [again], I hate hurting you."

"In my eyes it is pretty unforgivable... but also I want it to be forgiveable," Sam told her. "I think the forgiveness will come but I want to forget, I don't want to lose you and I won't."

"We're going to get through this, I hope," he added, concluding: "You are the love of my life."


But while one MIC couple seemed to get back on track, another was left on the edge of a breakup.

Frankie confronted Jamie over rumours he had kissed another girl on a recent night out in Liverpool.

"I have no idea, I don't think I did, did I? I was really drunk. I was very drunk. If I did then I'm sorry," he told her. "I don't want to kiss anyone else, I only want to kiss you forever and ever."

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And elsewhere, Victoria and Mark-Francis made amends after their recent clash over Rosie.


It all continues next week with more Made In Chelsea on E4 from 9PM.