Made In Chelsea spoilers: Will Sam Thompson dump Tiff Watson?

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Sam Thompson is left reeling on this week's Made In Chelsea after girlfriend Tiff Watson revealed all.

In a tense showdown at the end of last week's episode, Tiff confessed she had done a little more than just kiss another guy when she was on a trip to Hong Kong.

And it left Sam storming off, seemingly calling time on the relationship.

So is it all over between the pair? Well, not yet at least.

On Monday's show, Sam sits down for tea with sister Louise.

Describing his mood as "grim", Sam reflects: "We're a joke couple, everything was great, I was giving people advice on their relationships and s**t!

"I just didn't think she had it in her locker, I didn't thinks he had it in her."

He rants: "She's been perfectly fine being angry at me for certain things which aren't even big at all."

Apparently trying to make amends on Tiff's behalf, Louise replies: "You know what she's like and this will be tearing her up."

But an unmoved Sam continues: "I do not trust her any more, I do not trust her for s**t."

He adds: "I am no closer to having any idea what I'm going to do, none at all."

Unfortunately for Sam there's more to come, with his mood set to be made even worse when its revealed Lucy knew more about Tiff's holiday romance than she let on.

Made In Chelsea airs at 9PM on Monday nights on E4.

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