Made In Chelsea 2016: Sam Thompson and Tiffany Watson are OVER?

Made In Chelsea recap: What happened on Made In Chelsea?

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Made In Chelsea's Sam Thompson and Tiffany Watson look to be OVER after she came clean to him about sleeping with another man.

It all kicked off on last nght's show when Stephanie Pratt invited some of the group to the Maldives in a bid to make amends following her fallout with Lucy, who remained very much back in Chelsea.

"I'm everyone's punching bag right now," she moaned to Binky and JP.

But Stephanie's make up plan didn't go great, starting off with a tense conversation between herself and Louise which poor Binky was stuck in the middle of.

"I just think you should go home," Stephanie snapped at Louise.

She later branded Nicola a "f**king sheep" in another totes awkward confrontation as Stephanie only succeeded in worsening her relationships with the other girls.

Finally Stephanie took on Tiffany as she complained about being excluded and ignored by her.

Stephanie threatened to spill Tiffany's "secrets" about her 'kiss' with another guy in Hong Kong as Tiff claimed it was Steph who had told her to lie in the first place.

"The truth always comes out," Stephanie declared as Tiffany stormed off.

Later, Tiffany came clean about everything to Sam, telling him "it wasn't just a kiss in Hong Kong and I shouldn't have lied about it."

"There's no excuse for what I done," admitted Tiffany, adding, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

Despite Tiffany protesting it would 'never happen again' and saying she was 'so, so sorry', Sam seemed to call time on the relationship.

"I can't trust you at all, I despise you," he said before walking away from a very tearful Tiff.

Elsewhere on the show, Richard and Toff pondered their potential future together after enjoying a 'very fun' night out together.

Made In Chelsea continues Monday at 9PM on E4.

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