Made In Chelsea's Sam Thompson in big trouble over THESE pictures

Made In Chelsea spoilers 2016!

Sam Thompson finds himself in hot water in this week's Made In Chelsea.

Still on rather shaky terms with girlfriend Tiff, Sam has been painting the town red and there are photos circulating to prove it.

In a chat with Mark-Francis, Victoria and Jess, Toff reveals how she went on a "naughty night out" with Sam before sharing pictures.

"They're bad," she says in this preview clip, "I've got to show you."

"This is so embarrassing," says Victoria of the snaps," "That's so trashy."

"Oh my God, he's wearing a hat but no underwear!" adds Mark-Francis.

And there's more pictures, with Victoria declaring: "He makes me feel a bit sick."

"I'm worried Tiff would be upset by those photos," says Toff.

"I would break up with him in a flash," remarks Victoria.

What will Tiff, and more importantly her notoriously protective big sister, have to say about his raucous behaviour?

Elsewhere in Chelsea this week, warring Lucy and Stephanie are finally forced to face each other when Jamie throws a dinner party.

And it gets worse for Steph as Nicola finally finds out about the American's much-talked-about crush on Alex and deals with the news that another girl has designs on her boyfriend.

Made In Chelsea 2016 continues Monday nights on E4.

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