Made In Chelsea spoilers: Olivia Bentley gets between Tiff Watson and Sam Thompson

Tonight's latest Made In Chelsea 2016 spoilers

made in chelsea spoilers 2015

Made In Chelsea continues tonight on E4 and it appears Tiff has some beef with Olivia Bentley.

Sam's old flame made an appearance in Chelsea last week just as Sam and Tiff were getting over those cheating allegations.

In this evening's show, Sam and Tiff's relationship is once again tested when he refuses to curb his friendship with Olivia, with the pair enjoying a dinner date together.

"I did speak to her about it," Tiff says of her showdown with Olivia over the past relationship with Sam.

"She's harmless," says Sam

"I don't think she's harmful, I just think she's annoying," replies Tiff, with Binky describing the new MICer as "punchy".

"She is quite nice if you got to know her," protests Sam to the girls.

"I don't know understand why you're defending her," remarks Tiff in an awkward chat.

Meanwhile, when Ollie learns of Binky's frustration over JP's lack of commitment in their relationship, he decides it's time to step in. But is JP prepared to take things to the next level?

And elsewhere, already annoyed with Stephanie for confiding that she thought Alex was cute, it seems it could all kick off when Lucy discovers Stephanie has been telling Chelsea that her relationship with James isn't all that it seems.

Made In Chelsea 2016 airs tonight on E4 from 9PM.

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