Made In Chelsea: Alik Alfus and Elliot Cross clash on Twitter over Louise Thompson

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The latest Made In Chelsea drama as spilled out into a nasty Twitter feud.

On Monday night's show we saw Elliot Cross make a shock confession that he had drunkenly kissed
Alik Alfus's girlfriend, Louis Thompson.

He explained: "May have got pretty drunk the other night. It was just the people surrounding me back at the flat and the person who didn't leave – Louise Thompson."

Elliot added: "[Louise] was saying stuff like, 'Oh this is so weird I'm flirting', I kissed her and I put her to bed and I slept on the sofa."

News travels fast in Chelsea and soon Alik was reacting on Twitter, writing in a controversial, and since deleted message: "Nothing condones cheating and please correct me if im wrong but this s*** just seems rapey!!!"

With his romance with Louise now hanging in the balance, Alik added: "Not to excuse anything but only weak losers hu [hook up] with drunk girls that are incapacitated, blacked out, and belong to someone else ..."

He then tweeted directly to Elliot, telling him to "grow the f**k up!!!"

However Elliot bit back: "Not sure I'm who you should be giving advice to bud."

As for Louise, all she said on the matter was simply: "Ew ew ew. As if."

You can catch all the fallout from the kiss in Made In Chelsea on Monday night on E4 from 9PM.