Made In Chelsea: Stephanie Pratt claims Lucy Watson never gave Josh Shepherd a chance

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Made In Chelsea’s Stephanie Pratt claims that Lucy Watson never gave her boyfriend Josh Shepherd a chance.

Lucy and Steph’s previously close friendship has been torn apart by Josh’s rows with Lucy, and Steph reckons it’s all her fault.

She said this week: “Lucy has never liked Josh because she’s pals with my ex Stevie Johnson, so for the past few months she’s been rolling her eyes at him and just being rude.

“It got to the point where every little time we went out they’d have argument. She just never gave him a chance.”

Stephanie admitted: “It’s really frustrating because she’s my best friend and I’m in the middle.”

In tonight’s show we see Steph demand an apology from Lucy, telling Josh: "If she doesn't apologise... She has to apologise, if she doesn't she's just fallen out with her best friend."

But it seems that there’s no apology forthcoming from the no nonsense MIC star and instead she and Steph clash.

Steph snaps at her ‘best friend’: "You've been nothing but nasty and rude since Day 1"

Made In Chelsea airs Monday nights on E4.