Made In Chelsea SPOILERS! Why is Louise Thompson in tears?!

mic spoilers louise 1

Here's your spoiler-filled look ahead to tonight's latest Made In Chelsea.

After his failed attempt to kiss Jess at the ballet, Andy has been left rather confused and with new girl Fleur making herself known, Jess continues to give out mixed emotions that make her the one left on the sidelines.

Stephanie and Josh are back on track after their recent issues, but Steph isn't so keen to let things lie with Lauren leading to a dramatic showdown.

Meanwhile Louise is not happy and is left in tears with Alik's new laid-back approach to life, admitting that she's beginning to feel that his move to the UK has become one long holiday.

"I feel like things in our relationship haven't been great at the moment," she says, "I feel that you're becoming a bit complacent and that's not really attractive to me."

However Alik turns the tables on Louise as he suggests SHE is to blame for the problems in their relationship.

Elsewhere, Spencer and Lauren continue to discuss their living arrangements as they approach the subject of 'the spare key issue'.

Made In Chelsea airs tonight on E4 from 9PM.

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