Made In Chelsea NYC: Spencer Matthews DOES have a vulnerable side

Made in Chelsea NYC - Spencer

Made In Chelsea's Spencer Matthews has revealed that he isn't a total womaniser!

After this antics with Billie in the current New York special, Spencer explained he does have a vulnerable side - he just hides it.

In fact, Spencer claims he has a lot of weaknesses but he refuses to be seen as anything other than strong.

"Of course I've had my vulnerable moments but I don't really like showing weakness," he told new! magazine this week. "I don' like looking for sympathy."

Spencer went on: "I like portraying a strong image but I have moments to myself."

Discussing his and Stevie's NYC love triangle with Billie, Spencer said: "She's entitled to want as many people as she wants! We're all on holiday! I'm a fairly liberal character.

"It's possible to fancy two people at once."

He continued: "I like how quietly deceptive she is. She has a good sense of humour, too, and obviously she's very pretty. She's easy to get along with.

"She has tiny hands as well, she has minute little hands."

And Spencer added of Stevie going after Billie too: "He's welcome to. I'm not bothered when guys stand up to me or compete with me. I welcome it."

Meanwhile, Made In Chelsea's Fran Newman-Young has hit back at reports suggesting that she and Cheksa Hull had been 'dumped' from the show for being too boring.

"We had to go back to work. Some of us actually have jobs! A lot of people are lucky enough to be entrepreneurial and I envy that," she said.

Made In Chelsea's NYC spin off continues on Sunday on E4.

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