Made In Chelsea: Jamie Laing says he 'deserved' Alex Mytton betrayal

Made in Chelsea NYC - Jamie

Made In Chelsea's Jamie Laing reckons it's karma that pal Alex Mytton betrayed him.

On last Sunday night's show we saw Jamie and Alex clash after it was revealed that Alex had hooked up with Jamie's ex Tara.

The pair rowed and at the end of the episode were still not on talking terms, but Jamie hopes they can make up.

"It sucks," he said this week. "He hooked up with Tara and she's the love of my life, so it was the worst thing ever.

"It hurt a lot. I love that girl, it's really unfair. But boys are boys. They have a big blowout then it's okay. I'm hoping it will be okay with Alex."

Jamie continued: "S**t happens in life. Also, it's karma and I deserve it.

"Personally, I think if you're a dick to other people, then you're going to have s**t down to you. I've been a d**k to so many people tint he past, so I had to take it."

Speaking to new! magazine this week, Jamie insisted that he had no ill feelings for Tara herself.

"She can do what she wants. She's single, she wasn't in my life at that time," he added.

Made In Chelsea NYC continues Sunday nights on E4.

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