Made In Chelsea NYC RECAP! Alex heads to NY and ends up annoying everyone

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Here's a recap of all that happened in Made In Chelsea NYC tonight, as Alex Mytton headed for the Big Apple.

Tonight's show opened with Stevie losing his pretzel virginity with Ollie and New Yorker Billie, with Ollie later helping Stevie lot to win over Billie after Spencer asked her out previously.

Spencer showed off a shockingly good impression of a rain drop over lunch with Binky as he boasted about getting the 'first date' with Billie ahead of Stevie and Jamie, while she looked forward to a "fresh start" away from Alex.

Rosie and Louise then enjoyed their half blind double date as Alik brought along his friend Jules to meet Rosie, where there was some ridiculous talk from Jules about his 'positive feedback loop'. Watch out, Rosie!

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Elsewhere, Mark Francis and Victoria got away from the hustle and bustle of the city by attending church.

Later, Binky got the call we all knew was coming as Alex informed her he had just touched down in New York. A tense chat saw Binky tell Alex to jog on, with a few choice words.

Lucy then ended up running into Rosie's blind date Jules and they exchanged numbers. JUST WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF THAT HAPPENING.

Everyone ended up joining up at a party in the evening, where Stevie brought Billie, which seemed to upset Riley.

Binky confided in Spencer about Alex's appearance in New York City, where she admitted that she wasn't actually over him "100%", leading to a tense confrontation between herself and Alex in Central Park.

Even Alex seemed shocked that Binky actually turned up, as he begged for them to try and get along.

Back at the party and Spencer decided to make things super awkward by joining Stevie and Billie.

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But things went from awkward to nasty as Jamie interrupted with a text revealing that Alex had hooked up his ex-girlfriend Tara, resulting in Jamie going to confront Alex, just as Binky branded the new arrival in the city a "piece of s**t" and walked off.

Jamie asked for the truth from Alex which was like getting blood out of a stone, eventually leading to Jamie breaking down in tears and storming off, telling "prick" Alex to go back to London.

The next day and on their date, Spencer and Billie enjoyed a tandem bike ride around the city before ending up at the Statue of Liberty.

Meanwhile, Binky had a postmortem with Rosie and Louise after her clash with Alex, which was interrupted by a still upset Jamie.

Binky and Jamie had a tense chat as he aplogised for taking Alex's side (aka "being a douche") with Binky forgiving him with a hug and a kiss.

Come the end of the show, Alex tried to say sorry to Jamie (very badly) and it ended with Alex heading off to the airport to leave just days after his arrival.

Made In Chelsea airs tonight at 9PM on E4.

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