Made In Chelsea: Lucy Watson looking for love in New York

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Made In Chelsea's Lucy Watson is looking for love in New York.

Lucy and her fellow cast members are jetting out to the Big Apple for a special spin-off series this summer, and she's on the lookout for a man.

"I haven't slept with anyone since last year," Lucy told the world. "I'd rather wait until I have a boyfriend. "

And her ideal man? "Really funny, honest, loyal, likes animals, tall, dark, nice eyes, works out."

Not too much then!

But Lucy hopes that she'll find an American that fits the bill, saying: "They're a lot more traditional and well brought up.

"They're quite religious too, which seems to make them nicer. And they're really hot."

Meanwhile, Lucy ruled out ever getting back with Jamie once again.

"Jamie's different - he can come across s a really bad guy," she said. "I don't see him as boyfriend material.

"He's a great friend but there's always that awkward chemistry between us. "

Made In Chelsea's New York special will air on E4 later this summer.