Made In Chelsea recap: Alex Mytton and Binky Felstead rage at everyone

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It was the Made In Chelsea finale tonight but just what happened? Here's your latest MIC recap...

Andy showed off some rather poor skateboarding tricks to Louise, who was carrying a live lobster around as she prepared for her cook-off date with Fordy.

Riley and Lucy met up after last week's awkward chat with Jamie and agreed to put the whole thing behind them, although Jamie wasn't let off the hook so easily by either of the pair who both wanted answers.

Stevie revealed he had become "attached" to Stephanie, meaning her leaving party was rather emotional as he tried (and failed) to persuade her to stay.

Also at Stephanie's leaving party, Jamie and Lucy spoke where he confessed his feelings for her were stopping him from starting a relationship with anyone else. His brilliant solution? They should no longer be friends, ignore one another and block each other out from their lives. We can't see it working out...

Meanwhile, Binky and Alex were determined to work things out alone following Alex's cheating claims. "You've made me into a miserable wreck," Binky told him. "I feel like a piece of s**t." But despite the comments, and both losing their friends, the pair decided to continue to give it a go.


Fordy and Lucy had their cook off date where she confessed to having not actually cooked her meal, which left us wondering just WHERE IS THE LOBSTER?!

Binky spoke with her mum about the whole Alex situation and feeling ganged up by her (now former) friends but it ended in a bit of a nasty row over Alex coming between them.

It was then time for Andy's epic three day party at a country house where events eventually came to a dramatic head.

During the day, Binky and Alex continued to try and work things out together while Spencer, Andy, Stevie and Jamie all agreed the pair should breakup and vowed to have a word with Alex.

Later, Riley, Stevie and Jamie had a VERY awkward conversation as Riley demanded an apology that Jamie insisted wasn't due.

After their cook off date, Louise and Fordy kissed (and probably did a hell of a lot more) over a game of pool.

Spencer and Alex met up for the previously agreed chat where Spencer told him to "suggested" he broke up with Binky, but Alex insisted that he was in love with her.

The next day and Jamie revealed he had somehow ended up sleeping in Lucy's bed overnight, although she insisted that nothing happened in a chat to Riley.

In the evening and at the party, Jamie and Lucy once again insisted they would be "just friends", while Riley admitted to having found the pair in bed more than slightly awkward.


Spencer and Lucy spoke about Alex and Binky just before the pair walked in on their conversation. After Alex told her of Spencer's chat with him, Binky blasted Spencer before telling the pair of them to leave them alone.

Alex then went to gather the rest of group and told them ALL to "back off" as he called for them to support his relationship with Binky to shouts of "bulls**t" from Jamie.

It led to Binky getting very upset as she and Alex both stormed off from the party.

Made In Chelsea returns to E4 later in the year with a New York special.

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