Made In Chelsea recap! Riley Uggla ditches Jamie Laing over Lucy Watson!


Here's your weekly recap of all that went down in Made In Chelsea this week as Riley Uggla ditched Jamie Laing over his feelings for ex Lucy Watson!

After all the drama of Binky and Alex's relationship (of sorts), it was Jamie's love life that was once again the talk of Chelsea this week.

Following his date with Riley last week (that saw her sacked as Lucy's intern), Jamie tonight revealed his feelings for Riley's former boss - and his former girlfriend.

He confided that his feelings for Lucy had never gone away and he fancied her "way more" than Riley.

While that was all happening, Riley revealed she had growing feelings for Jamie after failing to make amends with ex boss Lucy.

Later, Stevie set the groundwork for a showdown by telling Riley of Jamie's confessions about his continued feelings for ex Lucy.

Elsewhere, Mark Francis took Binky to get lost in a maze at Longleat with Sophie and Victoria in an attempt to cheer her up after her fight with Cheska and Lucy.

But the new alliance pissed off Cheska, Lucy and Louise. Lucy ended up in tears over the breakdown of the trio's friendship with Binky, while Cheska declared she was DONE with Binky.

Also, we learned that Binky's bellend (that's Alex, FYI) is now fully back with her but under some conditions: He's only allowed to touch alcohol in her presence.

Meanwhile, single man about town Fordy has set his sights on a Chelsea girl, and the charismatic chef won admirers in BOTH Louise and Fran. Awks.

And with all that, cue the obligatory party where...

Fordy got with Louise (soz Fran)

Jamie spoke to Lucy about his feelings for her again, with Lucy struggling to deny feeling jealous of seeing him with Riley, although she insisted they were still "just friends".

Binky practiced her French (it was awful) and bitched about Cheska to Fran... AND THEN OBVIOUSLY CHESKA TURNED UP. The pair came to the conclusion that their friendship had finished. 🙁

Finally, Riley confronted Jamie and Lucy resulting in both girls eventually storming off, with Riley declaring she didn't want to be with him while he still clearly had feelings for Lucy.

Made In Chelsea continues next Monday night on E4.

Browse pictures of tonight's drama below...

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