Made In Chelsea: Andy Jordan and Louise Thompson for reunion?!


Andy Jordan and Louise Thompson could be on course for a Made In Chelsea reunion!

And according to Louise, they may jump dating and head straight for marriage together.

She said this week of her ex: "I really, really care about him. I really like him and I want him to be happy.

"When we broke up, the idea of him being free and being with other people didn't bother me at all. Whereas in previous break ups I've hated them and wanted their life to be s**t.

"I've been resentful, nasty and a bit bitter - but he's a genuinely nice person so I want him to be happy."

Asked if she'd ever go back to Andy, Louise said: ""I don't know.

"Like I said, it's difficult going backwards. Sometimes I say that Andy and me will get married, but I don't know whether I'm joking.

"I need to think about it a bit more."

Watch this space!

Made In Chelsea continues Monday nights on E4.

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