Made In Chelsea: Lucy Watson says Binky Felstead row 'not about Alex'

Lucy Watson

Lucy Watson has insisted that her row with Binky Felstead on Made In Chelsea had nothing to do with Alex Mytton.

On Monday night we saw Binky clash with both Lucy and Cheska after she got back chatting to Alex following a bunch of cheating claims.

Discussing the breakdown of her friendship with Binky, Lucy said this week: "I can't really talk about it.

"It's not really Alex. friendships change and evolve as time goes on."

Speaking to new! magazine, Lucy claimed that she had warned Binky about Alex before the pair had got serious with one another.

She said: "When he hooked up with Binky she said he was too nice and she wasn't sure. I said, 'If you get with him he'll screw you over.' But it made her like him more."

And Lucy also admitted things were still awkward between her and Louise, adding: "Someone doesn't like me I won't force it. I'm not like that. Girls are very jealous beings."

But someone (hurrah!) that Lucy is managing to get along with right now is ex Spencer, despite him cheating on her.

"I'm actually able to be friends with him now," she explained. "It's been a year. I accept him and his ways and know it's not personal. That's what he's like.

"I've moved on and I'm happy and I can laugh at his jokes. I would never be able to date him, though!"

Made In Chelsea continues Monday nights on E4.

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