Made In Chelsea recap! Binky gets back with Alex after clashing with Cheska


Here's your weekly Made In Chelsea recap of all that went down in tonight's show while as Binky Felstead got back with Alex Mytton after clashing with Cheska Hull.

Riley and Rosie discussed the whole Stevie 'situation' (HE SNOGGED STEPH, REMEMBER?), which has left Riley feeling uber embarrassed. Riley spoke about Jamie's intentions to date her, something which Rosie warned her of due to his past with her boss Lucy. Wise words, Rose, wise words...

Stevie gave Jamie his blessing to date Riley, while now PLAYER Stevie teased he had slept with Stephanie.

Stephanie (who denied sleeping with Stevie, YET), Binky and Lucy had a girly catchup with topics including Spencer being an arse (of course), and Riley, who was branded a "annoying cow" by Lucy, who warned she'd be fired if she dated Jamie. Binks however could tell that Lucy was just jealous.


Binky revealed she and Alex were seeing each other "quite a lot" but were not "seeing seeing each other". Obvs.

But the catch up ended all rather abruptly after Lucy claimed that Binks hadn't been speaking to her. Storming out of the chat in classic Made In Chelsea fashion, Binks branded Lucy "pathetic".

Despite Rosie's warning and with Stevie's blessing, Jamie and Riley arranged a date after he basically stalked her down.

Lucy and Riley had a showdown over Jamie which ended with Riley leaving Lucy's job.

Spencer revealed his master plan to win back Binks as a friend to Cheska, it's FLOWERS.

Andy, Lucy, Steph and Stevie met up and blabbermouth Lucy revealed the news that Binky was again seeing Alex to the disapproval of the others. The group's chat ended on a nasty note after Stevie revealed he was the one that gave Jamie Riley's number, while Lucy announced she had fired her.

Binks and Spencer had their make up dinner where he said sorry for for being awful for the 627th time in MIC history. Fortunately for Spencer, for the 628th time, Binky accepted his apology. She then went on to vent about Cheksa and others telling her what she should be Alex, and in process revealed she thinks he still does love her.

On their date, Riley and Jamie spoke most about Lucy (and turtles and owls) and her jealous feels.

At work the next date, Jamie confronted Lucy, basically telling her to grow the hell up.

Binky and Rosie joined Mark Francis for a bit of "retail therapy" with some apparently headless models but all they ended up with was a pretty rank looking scarf.

Fran, Cheska and Lucy had a Bitch About Binky cocktail afternoon where both Cheksa and Lucy threatened to "walk away" from Binks. Cheksea left the chat in tears over her deteriorating relationship with Binks, with Louise later joining Lucy and Fran to plan a showdown with Binky over her treatment of them. WE SENSE DRAMA.

Sam hosted a birthday party which saw everyone turn up leading to plenty of MIC's trademark awkward silences and bitching, starting off with Lucy getting rather angry as Jamie and Riley kissed in front of her.

Alex and Binks met up and agreed they had got to a "better level" as he continued to say sorry and attempt to make amends before Binky declared that he was "her d**khead", which is true love if we've ever seen it.


It led to the big showdown between all of Cheska, Lucy, Fran and Louise when they came face to face with Binks.

Binky blasted Lucy and Cheska for pushing their views on her, while Louise sat on the fence as she first defended Binks and suggested that the other girls were ganging up against her, before saying that friends were for life (not just for Christmas). It all ended with Binky storming off in tears telling Cheksa to STFU as the other girls concluded their friendship with Binks was pretty much over.

The episode ended With Alex escorting a teary Binky back home.

Made In Chelsea continues next Monday on E4 at the earlier time of 9PM.

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