Made In Chelsea recap: Alex Mytton and Binky Felstead are OVER!


Here's your weekly Made In Chelsea recap as Binky and Alex's relationship came to an apparent end.

Tonight's show started as we saw Binky struggle to come to terms with news of fresh infidelities from Alex.

A girlie chat with Rosie, Louise and Lucy saw her encouraged to end the relationship with him for good but Binky ended up sobbing and refusing to leave her man.

Spencer meanwhile found himself under fire from Alex for telling Jamie about the pair's "orgy" with multiple girls, which Spencer put down to being drunk.

Ollie and Jamie had a good workout and discussed Binky and Alex's situation, before moving on to gossiping about Stevie and Riley, which saw Jamie admit to having a bit of crush on Lucy's intern.

Sam was busy confiding in Riley about his feelings for Christiane before Stevie joined the pair to chat to Riley about their own relationship where they agreed it was just something "casual".

Newcomer Toff met Stephanie and quickly got chatting about Spencer and needless to say it wasn't too kind.

Louise was pissed off that Spencer was continuing to see Christiane (thanks to some stirring from Toff) in spite of Sam's feelings for her, but Christiane herself insisted there was no relationship between her and Sam while on a date with Spencer.

Andy and Stevie met up with Louise and Stephanie where it became apparent that Stevie had become the object of Steph's affections.

Later and aware of Riley's feelings for Stevie, Lucy tried to put a stop to blossoming relationship in a chat with Steph but Jamie encouraged her to go for it (after flirting with Riley).

Binky and Alex had a showdown where he aplogised with flowers but Binky declared that she could never trust him again. There were lots of tears before Binky walked off leaving Alex with his flowers alone.

There was another face to face as Spencer was confronted by Louise about seeing Christiane but the intense chat ended in both of them declaring it was just a waste of time.

Binky put on a shockingly good Alex impression as she recited her chat with him to Louise and Lucy, who encouraged her to stay away.

On their tour of London, Steph and Stevie snogged and, this being Made In Chelsea, a few minutes later everyone knew about it.

Sam found out and rushed to tell Riley to tell her at a picnic hosted by Jamie (obvs).

And in true MIC fashion, Stevie just happened to arrive at that moment. AWKWARD SILENCES AHOY!

Stevie claimed he was going to tell Riley but she wasn't too interested in hearing what he wanted to say, walking off sniffling.

Sam on the other hand was over the moon and hopeful it'd mean he'd now get a chance with Riley himself.

Stevie enjoyed a further date with Stephanie at the picnic while Jamie offered to take Riley for a drink. Better luck next time, Sam.

Spencer arrived with Christiane at the picnic and got himself into yet another argument, this time with Binky for being a "s**t friend".

Elsewhere, while the complex myriad of relationships in Chelsea took their toll, Mark Francis got away from it all by going classic car shopping with Rosie. As you do.

Made In Chelsea 2014 continues Monday nights at 10PM on E4.

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