Made In Chelsea 2014: Binky Felstead take Alex Mytton back AGAIN!

Made In Chelsea binky

She may have slapped him in the face in the latest episode but Made In Chelsea's Binky Felstead has apparently taken Alex Mytton back AGAIN!

On Monday night we saw Binky SLAP Alex after more revelations about his flings came to light.

Jamie blabbed about a supposed "orgy" involving Alex, Spencer and numerous girls during the week that Alex and Binky were apart.

It was something that Alex hadn't confessed to Binky and it earned him an arguably well deserved hit across the face when Lucy and Louise revealed all at an apt surprise party.

But now MIC spies claim that despite the latest drama, Binky and Alex are back together again.

And needless to say, neither Lucy nor Cheska are too happy about it all.

A source explained: "Binky has recently taken Alex back.

"They all had a BBQ at her house and Alex was there. Lucy and Cheska don't approve - they even snubbed her recent book launch.

"They don't want to pick up the pieces if Alex hurts her again."

Binky's mum Jane previously said she felt like "killing" Alex after the first cheating stories broke.

“If anyone comes along and hurts your child, you really do want to take them out, you want to kill them – and to my dying day I will feel that Binky never deserved that.” she explained. “I can never trust Alex again. He did me over like a kipper.”

But despite her thoughts on the matter, Jane won’t be getting involved… too much.

“She’s 23 and I think it’s time for me to take a back seat,” she said, adding, “Obviously, I’d much rather she went her own way.”

Made In Chelsea continues Monday night on E4.

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