Made In Chelsea: Binky Felstead's mum blasts Alex Mytton

Made In Chelsea binky

The mum of Made In Chelsea star Binky Felstead has blasted Alex Mytton.

The exact relationship status between Binky and Alex isn't entirely clear right now after the revelations of his cheating claims, but if her mum has anything to do with it the pair are - in the words of Taylor Switch - never ever getting back together.

"It's been very hard," Jane admitted. "Binky has been catapulted into a really unpleasant situation, through no fault of her own.

"But I'm proud of how strong she has been."

Speaking to Star magazine, Jane confessed she felt like wanting to "kill" Alex after details of his cheating was revealed.

"If anyone comes along and hurts your child, you really do want to take them out, you want to kill them - and to my dying day I will feel that Binky never deserved that." she explained. "I can never trust Alex again. he did me over like a kipper."

But despite her thoughts on the matter, Jane won't be getting involved... too much.

"She's 23 and I think it's time for me to take a back seat," she said, adding, "Obviously, I'd much rather she went her own way."

Made In Chelsea airs Mondays on E4.

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