Love Island 2020 spoilers: New series begins with a bombshell twist

The twins [Eve and Jess] enter the villa.

Love Island 2020 begins tonight with a first bombshell twist involving a pair of twins.

Coming from a brand new villa in South Africa, the first ever winter series begins this evening as 10 gorgeous singletons enter the villa and prepare for their first ever coupling up.


The girls - Shaughna Phillips, Sophie Piper, Leanne Amaning, Siânnise Fudge and Paige Turley - arrive and start getting to know each other.

Host Laura Whitmore then arrives to get the lowdown and gathers the girls around the famous fire pit: “Shall we have a little chat? Come on!”

Laura says to Siânnise that South Africa is a little bit different to her hometown Bristol, to which she says: “It’s completely different, it’s amazing.”

Sophie enters the villa.
Sophie enters the villa.

Asked what she’s looking for, Paige says: “It sounds so cliché, tall dark and handsome.”

On whether she’s ever been in love, Leanne admits: “No never, not even a little bit. I’ve got a phobia, but I’m here to cure it.”

And Sophie says of being single: “I feel like I might be a tiny bit too picky.”


Asked if she’s in the Villa for love or a good time, Shaughna says: “Love. I’m a hopeless romantic.”

It was time to meet the boys as the excitable girls lined up and Laura explained: “Girls, it’s time to couple up. The boys are going to come in one by one. If you like what you see, take a step forward.

"Then the boy will decide which of you gorgeous ladies he’s going to couple up with. Simple as that. So are we ready to meet our first boy? I am!”

Laura reminds the girls that even if they’ve coupled up, they can still choose to step forward when a new boy arrives. And the boys can choose a girl, even if she’s coupled up.

Siânnise, Paige, Leanne, Sophie and Shaughna.
Siânnise, Paige, Leanne, Sophie and Shaughna.

Each boy - Nas Majeed, Mike Boateng, Ollie Williams, Connor Durman and Callum Jones - then makes their entrance and hearts race as the Islanders couple up for the first time.

After the first coupling, Laura announces: “OK, that’s it Islanders, we have our five couples. You’ve all decided who you want to couple up with in the Villa. Will you last the test of time? Or, will your heads be turned?

"Ultimately, the public will be voting for their favourite couple and that couple could stand to win a massive cash prize of £50,000 and of course, be crowned the winners of Love Island. But don’t forget, finding your perfect match is never that simple.”

She teasingly adds: “And I’ll be back to see you very soon, probably when you least expect it.”

Nas soon receives the first text of the series sending shockwaves through the Villa as he tells the surprised Islanders that “It’s time to really get the party started as two very important guests are about to arrive #doubletrouble #twiceasnice #gameon”.

As rumours swirl among the Islanders about whether it’ll be girls or boys, twins Jess Gale and Eve Gale make their surprise entrance into the Villa.


Reflecting on their arrival in the Beach Hut, Nas reacts: “I actually couldn’t believe it. Twins – what a bombshell!”

Mike visits the Beach Hut and confesses: “Twice is definitely nice, you know what I mean?”

Eve and Jess at the firepit.
Eve and Jess at the firepit.

Callum adds: “Double trouble!”

In the Beach Hut Shaughna admits: “I was really trying so hard not to look fuming. I was trying so hard not to look bothered.”

Siânnise says: “There’s no way I can tell those twins apart. They’re identical, they look exactly the same!”

And that’s not the end of the surprises as another text arrives, revealing an exciting twist.

But what will the bombshells’ arrival really mean for the Islanders?


Love Island 2020 begins at 9PM tonight on ITV.

The show then continues nightly at 9PM Sunday-Fridays with After Sun at 10PM on Mondays, hosted by Laura Whitmore.