Love Island 2019 contestants! Meet Season 5's cast of singletons...

Love Island 2019 ast confirmed for Series 5

Love Island 2019 is here! Series 5 starts on ITV2 from Monday, June 3 but who are the Islanders? A new cast of contestants are looking for love - meet the flirty singletons.

Lucie Donlan

Lucie Donlan
Lucie Donlan

From: Newquay
Age: 21
Job: Surfer
Instagram: @lucierosedonlan

Lucie says: "I stand out and I’m different to the usual girls that might go on the show. I’m more into sports as well as being glam. I can do both, which makes me stand out compared to other girls.

"I’m more of a guy’s girl than a girl’s girl. I’ve got a lot of friends that are into riding bikes. I get on with those girls who are bit more tomboy-ish.

"I get on fine with girls, I just don’t like hanging out with girly girls too much. I like hanging out with guys because they’re into the same type of sports.... less drama really."

She adds: "I like the typical surfer look - blonde, long hair. Someone that has a sport so if they don’t surf, I’d love to have them boxing or snowboarding, motorcross, anything cool like that.

"I find sporty guys so much more attractive compared to your average guy that just chills and goes on nights out. I’d rather have someone that could come and surf with me and then I could go and do their cool sport. I want someone who will want to do fun things on the weekend."

Love Island 2019 airs nightly at 9PM on ITV2 from Monday, June 3.

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