Love Island 2018's final couples enjoy Summer Ball on their last day

The Islanders raise a glass.

The Love Island 2018 finalists enjoy a Summertime Ball in tonight's final episode.

It was Alex George and Alexandra Cane who left on Love Island 2018 last night just a day before the final.

Their exit leaves Wes & Megan, Laura & Paul, Jack & Dani and Josh & Kaz in the villa and fighting in the final.

The winning couple will play for £50,000 in the final live on Monday evening.

After eight weeks of recouplings, dumpings and doing bits, only four couples remain for the final of Love Island 2018.

The group wait for Dani to arrive.
The group wait for Dani to arrive.
Wes and Megan
Wes and Megan

As they prepare to leave the villa for the final time, in tonight's show the remaining Islanders reflect on what the journey has meant to them.

Laura remarks: “No matter what happens I already feel like I’ve won just being in the final with the couples that I’ve got around me, the friends that I’ve got around me, and meeting Paul’s just like the cherry on top of the cake.”

Wes meanwhile asserts: “I didn’t even realise how much this would mean to me until I got here. This has been the best Summer ever. This has been the best experience ever. And I’ve met the best girl ever. It’s just been one bundle of the best.”

A baffled Jack meanwhile proclaims: “I just sell stationery. Loads of pens, any type you want. And I’m actually in the Love Island 2018 final. What?”

As they prepare for their last evening together in the villa, word reaches the Islanders that the Love Island Summer Ball awaits them.

A text arrives: "Islanders, tonight you will all attend the Love Island 2018 Summer Ball. It’s now time to brush up on your dance moves. #hipsdontlie #savethelastsalsa"

The Islanders get their own crash course in salsa dancing, courtesy of two specialist salsa performers.

For a rhythmically challenged Megan, it’s a daunting prospect: “I’ve finally got a boyfriend who fancies me, if there’s anything I don’t want to do in front of him, it’s attempt to dance.”

Dani is also less than impressed by Jack’s efforts on the dance floor: “Jack…not the strongest of dancers bless him. I just think he struggles to pick his feet up. Everything just sinks to the ground and he just moves a little bit like a dad.”

Following the salsa dancing, the girls are whisked out of the villa to try on ball dresses: “Girls, it’s now time to go dress shopping. Please get ready to leave the villa #yassqueen #sayyastothedress"

With both the boys and girls now suitably attired, and having spent the afternoon working on declarations of love, the Islanders come together for the Summer Ball, with each girl’s entrance sparking a jaw dropping reaction from the boys.

Laura reads her declaration to Paul.
Laura reads her declaration to Paul.
Josh and Kaz kiss.
Josh and Kaz kiss.

Assembled together and with the champagne corks popping, Josh proposes a toast.

He says: “Guys we all look great. Thank you guys first of all for making my time in here unbelievable. I couldn’t have wished to have this journey with a better group of people. I know we’ve made friends for life both boys and girls. Cheers to the final.”

One by one, the couples then stand opposite one another and make their declarations of love.

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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