All the Love Island secrets revealed from the villa

Love Island 2018 villa

As Love Island 2018 concludes, here's a look at all the behind the scenes secrets of the ITV show.

Season 4 of the ITV2 series concluded last month and former contestants and show insiders have spilled all about the show...

Drink and cigarette limits

Show bosses limit both the amount of booze and cigarettes the Islanders consume daily.

Given how much we saw them smoking last year, you may be surprised to learn that the Islanders are actually given strict limits on the amount of cigarettes they can have. They're banned from going through more than 20 a day.

Meanwhile, former contestant Tyla Carr revealed: “There’s one drink a night. And you know something’s happening because you’re allowed an extra drink. You know when something’s about to go down.”

Love Island 2018 villa
Love Island 2018 villa

STI tests for applicants

Those wanting to go into the villa have to get a clean bill of health.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Contestants aren’t chosen for their dedication to celibacy, so it’s possible one could have picked something up.

“Bosses are doing the responsible thing by making sure everyone who goes in has a clean bill of health."

Lots of condoms

Show bosses are keen for the Islanders to practice safe sex and so a total of 200 own branded Love Island condoms can be found strategically placed around the villa, meaning there's always one on hand.

Other forms of contraception are also available for the Islanders on request.

Hours of filming for minutes of TV

Former Islander Tyla Carr says some scenes - such as recouplings and eliminations - can take hours to film despite lasting just minutes on TV.

She recalled: “People kept laughing or someone would say something stupid. One of us would go, ‘merh’. Just ridiculous. We got so told off. They’d say over the tannoy, ‘can you please be quiet’."

Tyla explained: “It’s an intense two minutes worth of TV but we’re there for an hour at least and you have to pause before you say someone or pick someone and that can take a good five minutes, you have to stand there and look at everyone.

“The producers will go, ‘Tyla stop laughing, stop smirking, stop doing this, stop doing that’. It is difficult. It’s not the easiest of nights. We all dread them.”

Secret islanders

2016 Islander Cara De La Hoyde revealed that there are secret Islanders around the villa not seen on camera.

"We have chaperones who keep an eye on us all day and then all night, too. They are there all the time for emotional support. They aren't on camera," she said. "I was lucky I had a good ride and I met someone I really loved.

"But there were days when things were hard and you miss everyone. You can go sit out the front of the villa and chat to them.

"They would really look after you like they would remind you to take your pill every day too."

She added to Glamour magazine: "The producers know what is going on all the time. The next morning after you have sex, they take you to the side and say, 'We are aware of what happened last night'.

"They are tactful and they want to check that you are happy that it happened and if you used protection. It's not about being nosey, it’s safety. They are very conscious about looking after you."

Dinner downtime

Islanders are filmed almost 24/7, but cameras usually stop rolling for dinner which is why the contestants are rarely seen eating.

Cara explained: "Dinner was the best because it was total downtime. You sit with the chaperones and it's not filmed and you have no mics on as they are changing all the batteries.

Love Island 2018: Bedroom
Love Island 2018: Bedroom

"You are not allowed to have sneaky conversations then that’s why the chaperones are there to watch you. If someone was to have a dramatic argument then you can't go back and recreate it."

Paul Danan was almost the voiceover(!)

At least, according to him.

The original Love Islander says he was originally approached to narrate the series.

"I went up for the voiceover job, but they went with Iain Stirling. He's done amazing," he told star magazine.

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