Dani Dyer set for Love Island cast after Survival Of The Fittest exit

Dani Dyer

Dani Dyer has been tipped to join the Love Island cast in 2018.

The daughter of actor Danny Dyer had been taking part in new ITV2 reality show Survival Of The Fittest.

However she was forced to leave after just one day, following an arm injury.

The new series started on Sunday as 12 strong and sexy singles entered The Lodge for the ultimate battle of the sexes.

During the first Girls v Boys challenge, Dani hurt her arm. She was forced to leave the show after medical intervention.

Dani hurts her arm
Dani hurts her arm

Now the Daily Star say Dani is set to join Love Island, which is made by the same people as Survival Of The Fittest.

A source said: "Producers saw in the brief time they got to know Dani that she is surefire TV gold like her dad.

"She is funny, sharp and sexy, in many ways she is the perfect Love Islander.”

As yet, no names have been confirmed for this summer's Love Island, which will be the fourth series.

Meanwhile, Dani has spoken out after her exit from Survival Of The Fittest.

She said: "For medical reasons, I can't take part in any of the challenges because I am now using a sling."

"I will just be sitting around and not be able to compete and I'm not meant to move [my arm] for a week so it wouldn't be fair and there is just no point. I'll just be an extra spare part if I carry on like this."

Dani added: "I haven't stopped training since Christmas. I've been dieting. I did Tough Mudder last year and I didn't even hurt myself then. I've been constantly training up until now and now I've gone and dislocated my shoulder. It is what it is I suppose.

"My experience in the lead up to going into The Lodge was just amazing, I can't put it into words how amazing it was so I am absolutely gutted that I can't do any of the challenges.


"If I could go back and not dislocate my shoulder, I would definitely change it. I hope this isn't the last you've seen of me."

She will be replaced in the show and won't feature in the first public vote.

Survival Of The Fittest airs at 9PM nightly on ITV2.

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