Love Island's Jess Shears and Dominic Lever planning for children


Love Island 2017 couple Dominic Lever and Jessica Shears have revealed plans for kids.

The still loved up have said they want to start a family as soon as they can.

Dom said: "We are planning to have kids ASAP. Honestly I just want them now, I’m game.

“Jess keeps reminding me I’m almost 30 and need to be a dad soon.”

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Jess added: “I keep telling him that if he doesn’t have children now, he’s going to be this age when they leave school which means he won’t be able to retire and I put it all out on the time scale.

Jess and Dom heart to heart
Jess and Dom heart to heart

“We both really want kids, we love them.”

As well as kids, marriage is also on the cards.

“We have talked about engagement and it’s a progression," said Dom. “It’s definitely something we are thinking about – when you know you know don’t you. It’s only a matter of time.”

Earlier this year, the Love Island couple went and got matching tattoos to show their dedication to one another.

The pair both went and got inked up this week with matching Love Island themed designs.

They got his and hers love hearts with palm trees alongside one another's initials.

And like a lot of the Love Island contestants' antics since leaving, even these "super special tattoos" were sponsored.

Love Island contestant Jess was previously slammed for flooding her Instagram with 'cringe' adverts.

With a MILLION followers on the social media website, it's no wonder that brands want her to flog their wares.

Love Island: Jess and Dom saying goodbye
Love Island: Jess and Dom saying goodbye

But fans have had enough of Jess' constant stream of sponsored posts with her plugging everything from clothes and make up to breakfast smoothies and toothpaste.

"Pretty much every post on here is sponsored, it's a joke. Definitely unfollowing now because it's getting on my nerves," one of Jess' followers wrote.

Love Island will return to ITV2 in the summer of 2018 for its fourth series.

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