Love Island 2017: Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay write poems to describe their feelings

Chris waits for Olivia.

Things get very loved up on Love Island 2017 tonight as the final four couples enjoy their last night in the villa.

During the day, the islanders were tasked with laying their hearts on the line and drafting a declaration of love for their partner.

This proved an exciting prospect for Chris, who admitted: “I’ve just got a way with words. And I’ve got neat writing as well.

"Really neat handwriting; so for me I love writing, I love being a little bit creative.”

He and Kem both decided to share their feelings in the form of poetry.

Olivia and Chris.
Olivia and Chris.

Chris told Olivia: “Olivia’s first impression will remain cemented in my soul as one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen. Our journey is ending where another will begin, and to me you’re Snowy, if I was Tin Tin. Your cuddles in the morning and your kisses at night, but your freckles are one of my favourite sights.”

Olivia said to Chris: “Chris, the girl that walked into this villa seven weeks ago is a very different girl to the one who’s walking out, and you are the reason for that.

"You’re cheeky, funny and the way you love me has brought out a softer side to me I hadn’t wanted to show in a very long time. Your beautiful face matches an equally beautiful soul.”

Kem then told Amber: “When we talk about our lives and the things that we’ve been through, it’s mad to meet a girl who’s so caring and true. The relationship got rocky and we both started to fear, the problem was we were scared to show we care.

"The thought of being vulnerable was pushing each other apart. But when you find a girl that special, you have to follow your heart.”

Amber cries.
Amber cries.

Amber cried as she told Kem: “Kem, seven weeks ago I walked into the villa having no idea how much this experience was going to change my life. It’s safe to say we’ve had one of the most challenging journeys.

"I say this to you everyday but I wouldn’t change any of those bad days we’ve had because it made me realise I found something in someone that I didn’t know was possible to find.”

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2

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