Love Island 2017: Montana Brown claims she was 'encouraged to be b****y'

Love Island: Montana's reaction to the Twitter challenge.

Montana Brown has claimed that Love Island 2017 bosses 'encouraged' the girls to 'be b****y' on the show.

Montana had been a fan favourite on this year's show but her popularity waned in the last few weeks, ending with her eviction last night.

A bust up with Gabby Allen over a Twitter challenge and Lie Detector Test, as well as complaining about Camilla Thurlow, saw viewers turn on her.

But Montana has alleged that she and the other girls were "encouraged to be b****y".

She told the Daily Star newspaper: "We were all encouraged to be b****y. It was in the heat of the moment and I have been guilty of saying some things."


ITV previously denied the show was scripted or fake after complaints from some of the contestants' friends and family - including Montana's mum.

Montana's mum said: "It has been an interesting version of Montana, which isn't really her. When she likes somebody, she likes them, but wouldn't normally go head-first in. Everything seems to be fast-tracked."

She told the Daily Mirror: "I presume being in a pressurised environment means the reality is different. She is normally really private. I think it must be quite choreographed and I know they are directed, so what you see is not always the reality."

And Chris' mum Val commented: "What you're seeing now is the real Chris. He's funny, he's very loyal, caring and he's quite endearing in his own way. When he first went in and he sat there saying, 'All the girls fancy me', that's not Chris."

She added: "It makes you wonder if some of it is sort of scripted for them because that, to us, wasn't our Chris."

A spokesperson for the show denied there was any 'directing' of the contestants.

Montana during the lie detector test.
Montana during the lie detector test.

"We follow the islanders' relationships, we do not direct them," they told DigitalSpy.

Love Island 2017 concludes with its live final tonight.

Those in the final are Gabby & Marcel, Kem & Amber, Chris & Olivia and Camilla & Jamie.