Love Island 2017: Montana Brown told off by her mum as parents enter the villa

Love Island: Montana greets her mum.

Montana Brown gets told off by her mum on Love Island 2017 tonight.

In this evening's episode, the friends and family of the remaining Islanders join the villa for a short stay.

Montana’s mum and aunt enter the villa alongside Alex Beattie’s mum and step-dad.

Montana and Alex take their families off separately to catch up.

Montana’s mum says of Alex: “I think he’s lovely, he is so smitten with you and I think you’re smitten with him.”

Love Island: Montana meets Alex's parents.
Love Island: Montana meets Alex's parents.

But she does tell Montana off a little bit: “Stop swearing,” before reminding Montana what the last thing she said to her was before she left.

Montana looks sheepish and admits her mum told her not to have sex in the villa.

Montana says it was really hard not to but her mum teases: “You didn’t try that hard did you!”

Montana’s aunt then praises Montana for staying true to herself and waiting for the right guy rather than coupling up romantically earlier with someone she wasn’t as keen on.

Meanwhile, Alex’s mum tells Alex: “You just seem really natural and comfortable in each other’s company which is great… You’re supportive and respectful... Just remember there are cameras all of the time!”

Love Island 2017: Alex Montana kiss on their date.
Love Island 2017: Alex Montana kiss on their date.

Alex cringes, “I knew that would come up.”

The families meet together and Montana’s mum tells Alex: “Do not treat her too much like a princess,” she smiles, “I’m so pleased because you have put a smile on her face so thank you.”

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.