Love Island 2017: Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood get loved up on a super yacht

Love Island spoilers

Love Island 2017: Chris and Olivia date.

On and off again Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood definitely on in tonight's Love Island 2017.

This evening the remaining couples go on final dates ahead of Monday's final, with Olivia and Chris taken to a super yacht in the middle of the ocean.

The pair use the chance to chat about their very rocky relationship.

“We can’t live with or without each other,” Olivia begins. “How are you feeling about leaving the farm and coming and living in London? You can stay at mine but I’ve got to tell you something and you’re not going to like it, my flat is a no rapping zone."

Chris replies: “It’s part of my blood, it’s embedded in me. That game you don’t choose, it chooses you.”

Love Island 2017: Chris and Olivia date.
Love Island 2017: Chris and Olivia date.

Chris then asks if Olivia will wash his boxers: “I don’t know how to use a washing machine, I don’t know how work a dishwasher, I can’t cook. I’ll take you on once nice date a week so we can go to the zoo and see the animals."

He asks what Olivia thinks her parents will make of their relationship.

She replies: “I can’t say how they’d feel about you not backing me on certain things, but they know I’m a terror and the fact how you’ve managed me and how you are with me, they’re going to love you. I know they’re going to love you. And I know your mum is going to hate me…. She will because I’m such a nightmare, I’ve made her son cry about 16 thousand times.”

“No she won’t. What’s there not to like?” Chris tells her.

Olivia then opens up: “I wanted you to know that even though you drive me crazy, when I look back on our time on the villa, I have put you through stuff. I’ve realised more than ever that I am a massive product of my past and I have coping mechanisms and one of them is to be a b*tch and when I feel vulnerable, I will push everyone away.

Love Island 2017: Chris and Olivia date.
Love Island 2017: Chris and Olivia date.

"If I hadn’t come here and I hadn’t met you, I would not have realised that and I don’t honestly believe there’s any other boy that could have brought it out of me. I realise how much you put up with. You are insanely patient and that is the reason why I like you, one of many reasons. Apart from the fact you’re fit.”

The couple seem loved up as they enjoy their epic date before returning to the villa to tell the other Islanders how it went.

“Being with Chris outside of the villa, not in the supermarket arguing, seeing him, I was looking at him thinking, he’s fit. I was thinking, that’s my boyfriend, he’s hot,” Olivia says.

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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