Love Island 2017: Gabby Allen cries after rowing with Montana Brown over those texts

Love Island spoilers

Love Island 2017: Girls talk at lunch time.

Montana Brown and Gabby Allen lock horns on Love Island 2017 tonight.

In this evening's show, the girls talk about the Lie Detector test results from last night.

Gabby admits she has been upset about her results: “Honestly, I was so gutted because not even just for myself but for Marcel. I didn’t want him to be humiliated or upset by the thing. Then I just felt like when I came out, I would have a strong support system. There was definitely some people that had my back but it was, basically really cold.”

Montana then brings up the recent Tweet challenge where she discovered that Gabby had sent text messages about her to Marcel.

Montana comments: “It was hard for me to back you in that situation because of the whole thing that happened with the tweet challenge. I thought about it and I felt like my feelings towards you were compromised then because it couldn’t have been something good on the text.”

Love Island 2017: Girls talk at lunch time.
Love Island 2017: Girls talk at lunch time.

Amber adds: “I didn’t understand why you wouldn’t just say it out loud, why would it be done over text?”

Gabby answers: “I don’t want to have any confrontation with anyone, I hate it. I didn’t want to say it out loud because there were people around and I felt like I had to get something off my chest and that was the only way I could have done it at that moment in time.”

Montana replies: “It’s just so much more calculating, rather than just debating it with Marcel… In this situation, you never know what’s being said behind your back you just have to trust the person.”

Gabby gets upset and starts to cry. She sobs: “I don’t even care about my feelings when it comes to this, but that is not what I wanted to come back from the test. That is not what I wanted to hear in the tweet challenge.”

“I come to the fire pit and ask for advice and we already know what had been said in the test and what questions I failed on and then I felt like [you kept reminding me.]

Love Island 2017: Gabby upset.
Love Island 2017: Gabby upset.

"I was like, ‘Guys I know that, I’m trying to fix this, I’m trying to move forward.’ I felt like it was dig, dig, dig and I felt like I had no one.”

The Lie Detector test and Tweet challenge have clearly caused tension between the girls but Amber tries to rally them around.

She says: “Bottom line is, 100 per cent girl power, back each other until the cows come home.”

Love Island 2017 continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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