Love Island 2017: Montana Brown accused of 'betraying' Camilla Thurlow

Love Island: Montana

Love Island 2017 viewers have accused Montana Brown of 'betraying' Camilla Thurlow.

In yesterday evening's episode, Gabby got a text: “Islanders, it’s the moment of truth. Girls, you’ll be taking a lie detector test. Boys you will be asking the questions. #hometruths #truthhurts #polygrafting”

The girls were worried about the impending Lie Detector test while the boys prepared their questions in the garden for their partners.

Jamie Jewitt quizzed Camilla with questions including Is Jamie a good kisser? Are you looking forward to seeing how things go with Jamie on the outside? Would you say Jamie was everything you look for in a man?

When asked Do you think you and Jamie are compatible?, Camilla said yes but the lie detector say was lying.

Camilla during the lie detector test.
Camilla during the lie detector test.

Camilla remarked: "The sad fact is I know exactly why I don't believe that Jamie and I are compatible," before sobbing she 'wasn't good enough' for Jamie.

However Montana appeared to have had enough of Camilla's worries, telling Georgia she was 'fed up' of having to constantly pick Camilla up.

Viewers weren't impressed with Montana's comments, suggesting she had 'betrayed' Camilla.

"Montana calling Camilla draining because she has low confidence just screams fake friend ✋🏻she has no idea how cam feels #loveisland" one viewer posted.

Another added: "So Montana is stepping back from Camilla because she has confidence issues? Girls can honestly be so horrible #LoveIsland"

A third reacted: "Ok montana??? Sorry that Camilla's self confidence issue is a burden to you! What a great friend #loveisland"

Montana during the lie detector test.
Montana during the lie detector test.

And a fourth concluded: "Montana is cancelled for speaking about camilla like that #loveisland"

Montana also took aim at Gabby, expressing doubts her feelings for Marcel were real following the lie detector test results.

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