Love Island 2017: Chris and Olivia kick off again just a day after making it official

Love Island 2017: Chris

Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood's time as official boyfriend and girlfriend may be short lived.

On Love Island 2017 tonight, the pair lock horns after a new task.

It all begins when Mike gets a text: “Islanders, it’s time to find out what Twitter is saying in today’s challenge, Bang On Trend #tweetasanut #tweetnsour”

The Islanders are split into two teams. Georgia and Sam host the game and read a tweet out with Islanders’ names blanked out. The teams race against each other to pump up a balloon until it pops. Whichever team pops their balloon first gets to guess which Islanders each tweet is about.

One tweet - sent by Stormzy - suggests Chris is too good for Olivia. Chris smirks at the result and Olivia gets angry at his reaction which causes a tiff.

Love Island 2017 task
Love Island 2017 task

Chris tells her, “It’s a tweet, it’s a game isn’t it,” and Olivia responds, “I’m not bothered about the tweet, I’m bothered about your reaction but we all expect that from you anyway.”

Another tweet read out is: “XXX telling XXX she loves him too, roughly six hours after saying she’d sh*g XXX in the Hideaway if nobody would find out”

The text is about Olivia, Chris and Mike when Olivia said she would sleep with Mike in the Hideaway if nobody was to find out.

Back at the villa following the the task there's drama as Chris is clearly annoyed with Olivia.

“We were broken up and it was a joke,” she says of the tweet about her and Mike.

Chris is annoyed: “She is such a melt, that’s so muggy. Prior to that being read out, she’d lost her head that I laughed at a tweet... I have every right to be annoyed at that.”

In the garden, Olivia and Chris talk to each other following the reveal at the Tweet challenge. They get annoyed with each other and Olivia walks off.

Love Island: Olivia
Love Island: Olivia

Chris says as she walks away: “You’re an angel aren’t you, little princess.” Under his breath, he talks to himself saying Stormzy was right: “He’s right though isn’t he, I am too good for her, way too good.”

In the Beach Hut, Olivia is fed up at another hurdle in her and Chris’ relationship: “I just feel fed up man, I know I bring it up in myself but I have to put so much work in to make this right, we both have and now it feels like we’re back to square one.

"I don’t want to argue anymore. When I said that comment, me and Chris weren’t together and I told Chris I was 50/50 between sacking me and Chris off or starting a fresh start with Mike. It was also said in jest. I just don’t want to argue any more, we’ve argued for four weeks. I am what I am, maybe Chris is too good for me.”

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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