Love Island fans don't trust Olivia Attwood following 'shock' confession

Love Island: Olivia and Chris

Love Island 2017 fans don't trust Olivia Attwood following last night's show.

It follows a surprise revelation in a new task.

Marcel got a text: “Boys, it’s time to find out if you really know what your girl is thinking in today’s challenge #thatswhatshesaid #makingasplash #ohnoshedidnt”

In the latest challenge, the girls were asked a series of questions about themselves and their boys. The girls had to write their answers on a board and the boys then had to guess what they have written. If they guessed correctly, they avoided being dunked in a pool.


In one round, Chris guessed that Olivia would put “to have a family” but she puts “to be rich.”

After the task, Chris and Kem are spoke about the question in the challenge where Olivia admitted she wanted to be rich over having a family. Kem asked Chris how he felt about that.

“I’m a family guy and I come from a proper family so it’s always my dream to have a family and settle down and have kids and a nice house,” he said.

Viewers were left even less trusting of Olivia following the revelation.

Last year's winner Cara de la Hoyde‏ reacted: "Think that says it all Olivia 'want to be rich' #loveisland"

Another commented: "Olivia saying all she wants is to rich has just proved everything, there for money not love #loveisland"

And a third added: "olivia saying to be 'rich' has made me hate her even more, chris saying 'to have a family' has made me love him even more #loveisland"

Love Island 2017: Chris and Olivia
Love Island 2017: Chris and Olivia

Olivia's decision to then make things official with Chris also didn't convince fans.

"Funny how Olivia is asking Chris to be her boyfriend in the final week just soooo fake #LoveIsland," one commented.

Love Island 2017 continues nightly on ITV2.

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