Love Island 2017: Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt plan life outside the villa

Love Island 2017: Camilla and Jamie.

Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt talk about their potential future together in tonight's Love Island 2017 highlights.

Fresh from Friday night's recoupling where Camilla gave a rather romantic speech, in the garden, Camilla and Jamie talk about their future.

Jamie says: “I’m genuinely excited about going out with you and seeing you outside the villa because I know I’m seeing you in here but it’s just a different ball game. To be able to actually go and do what we want to do… What would we do on our first date?”

“It will be summer when we get back so I love doing daytime drinking in the sunshine, in the park, we could play games, rounders, whatever, football. Just something fun, let off some steam,” she says.

Love Island 2017: Camilla Jamie
Love Island 2017: Camilla Jamie

“It’d be amazing because I’d be taking you on a date!” Jamie laughs, “Have you not thought about when we get out, clearly we’re going to [date.] I’m not going to say ‘Bye Camilla’ is that what you were thinking?”

“I would hope that wouldn’t happen but I don’t want to put you under pressure, we’ve known each other a week,” she says.

Jamie tells her a week in the villa feels like longer than a month. Camilla says she would obviously want to go on dates with him.

Jamie and Camilla are far from the only ones totally loved up.

Elsewhere in tonight's show, Marcel is teasing Gabby for saying the L word in her speech.

“You’ve been trying to deny what you said in your speech,” he teases.

“I love Jamie. And I love Cam. And I think my family are going to love you [both] too,” she says, trying to play it cool.

Love Island: Marcel teases Gabby about saying Love.
Love Island: Marcel teases Gabby about saying Love.

Meanwhile, Montana and Alex and Kem and Amber are saying they are the strongest couples in the villa.

In the Beach Hut, Kem is talking about his relationship with Amber: “We genuinely do feel like the connection we have, we do think it stands out to everyone. We are just obsessed with each other,” he smiles.

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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