Love Island 2017: Is it fifth time lucky for Sam Gowland with Georgia Harrison?

Love Island 2017: Sam and Georgia

Sam Gowland could finally get out of the friend zone on Love Island 2017 tonight.

After his return to the villa, Sam may have finally found his match in Georgia Harrison.

In this evening's episode Georgia is seen talking to Camilla about her feelings for Sam, saying they're growing and that they spooned last night after the recoupling: “I do actually think he’s really cute at the moment,” she says.

Georgia later tells Gabby about her feelings for Sam: “I just really want to take it slow.

Love Island 2017: Sam and Georgia's first lunch date.
Love Island 2017: Sam and Georgia's first lunch date.

"I like the build-up… I know it sounds cringey but I’d like our first kiss to be at a proper nice moment, not just like when we’re all sitting drinking or lying in bed.

"I’d like it to be a cute moment you can look back on… I do like this stage when you flirt and fancy each other… It’s so nice how all of you think so highly of him.”

Gabby replies: “You’re good for each other in that way, you’re so excitable it’s nice to see… You’re both on the same level I think.”

Then in the Beach Hut, Georgia admits: “I am starting to fancy Sam a bit, it’s still really early days but I do find myself wondering where he is in the villa if I’m not with him. I do think I am starting to like him. I’m definitely feeling really happy at the moment.”

Love Island 2017: Sam and Georgia get closer.
Love Island 2017: Sam and Georgia get closer.

As for Sam, he reveals he has plans to have a peck with Georgia by the end of the night.

Later, Sam and Georgia are flirting in the garden. It’s clear that Sam and Georgia fancy each other. But will someone make the move and seal the deal with a kiss?

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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