Love Island 2017: Chris wants to get back with Olivia but she's flirting with Mike

Love Island 2017: Olivia talks to Chris.

Chris Hughes wants to reunite with Olivia Attwood on Love Island 2017 tonight.

However she's busy flirting with Mike Thalassitis ahead of a recoupling where the girls will have all the power.

In a chat, the Islanders are talking about who they would choose to spend a night with in Hideaway.

Olivia says she would take Mike in “if it was just sex and nothing else and no one in the villa found out.”

Later, Mike and Olivia are chatting by the pool. She tells him that she hasn’t spoken to Chris for a few days: “We’ve got nothing to talk about.”

Love Island 2017: Olivia talks to Mike.
Love Island 2017: Olivia talks to Mike.

Mike asks if she thinks things are over with her and Chris. Olivia replies: “Yes. Unless he has had a total epiphany. I’m in a really weird mood today. I’m really happy, that’s the weird thing, I shouldn’t be in such a good mood.”

“What happened to you grafting on me?” Mike asks.

“Do you want to be grafted on still?” Olivia smiles.

“It depends if you want to graft me,” Mike tells her.

“Kind of,” Olivia admits, “I see you in a totally different light to how I did last time you were in here… I think Chris is going to act like he’s not bothered but really, he can’t be made up about it can he.” She also admits to Mike that she chose him for a hypothetical night in the Hideaway and told the Islanders so earlier.

Mike asks if Olivia would pick Chris in a recoupling.

She says: “As the days go on, you and me are getting on better and better. Say it was yesterday, I wouldn’t have picked you because I felt like you would want Tyla to pick you.

"Say I felt like you would want me to pick you and everything else worked out, then I would potentially want to do that… Do you still feel like there could be something there?”

“It depends how you are with me. If you [give me something to work with] because I didn’t have that last time,” he tells her.

“Noted,” Olivia confirms.

Love Island: Chris upset at Olivia row.
Love Island: Chris upset at Olivia row.

In the Beach Hut, Mike says: “We were having a chat and she was saying her and Chris are done but I can’t trust the girl, I’m not stupid. I see what happened last time and even though they’re not together and they’ve not spoken much, that doesn’t mean anything. I’m not getting in any love triangles again.”

Meanwhile, Gabby and Camilla are speaking to Chris on the Nikki Beach beds.

“Just being in bed all day yesterday gave me some thinking time about what I actually want. I do want to see out this whole experience with her. If we can work on things, then we’ll give it one more shot. It’s hard to go with your head at times because your heart is so overpowering,” he tells them.

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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