Love Island 2017: Georgia Harrison and Tyla Carr both fancy Mike Thalassitis

Love Island 2017: Olivia, Tyla, Georgia talk

Georgia Harrison immediately has the hots for Mike Thalassitis on Love Island 2017 tonight.

But she's not the only one...

Mike returned to the villa at the end of last night's episode alongside Sam after both were previously evicted.

Georgia, who only joined the show last week, showed an instant interest in Mike.

In tonight's show, she tells Tyla Carr: “I feel like he’s too good for me, I don’t even feel like I can speak to him. I feel really shy but I’ve got to put that behind me.”

Love Island 2017: Mike
Love Island 2017: Mike

But she also sees an attraction to Sam, telling Gabby and Camilla: “You’ve got to remember, Liv and Tyla are single. Liv wants to get back with Chris but she still has a little flirtation towards Mike. I just think I’ve got to completely be myself, get to know them and hope that something comes of it but I’ve got a feeling something will.”

Meanwhile, Mike and Sam are seen by the fire pit, debriefing on who they fancy and they both agree they have eyes for Georgia and Tyla.

Mike says: “Right now my vibe is saying Georgia but it’s early. If every bird in here was single, I’d still go for them two, Georgia and Tyla.”

The next day, Mike and Georgia have a chat and get to know each other.

Georgia admits: “I’m not shy, I’m trying to be tactful here. Looks-wise, you’re the best person here. I’m just trying not to give you too much of a big head too soon. You’ve definitely got the most going for you as of yet.”

But Georgia isn't the only single girl who has the hots for Mike.

Love Island 2017: Tyla chats to Mike.
Love Island 2017: Tyla chats to Mike.

Tyla questions whether it might upset Olivia or Georgia if she tried it on with Mike.

However she adds: “I’m definitely not going to be fighting for him. I like Mike and if he likes me, I’m happy to move forward with things.”

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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