Love Island 2017: Muggy Mike reveals his plot to get revenge on Olivia Attwood

Love Island 2017: Olivia and Mike

Mike Thalassitis returns to the Love Island 2017 villa tonight and is out for revenge.

So called Muggy Mike made a shock return to the villa in last night's episode alongside Sam.

In this evening's episode, Mike makes a toast and the Islanders raise a glass of bubbles: “This time I’ve come in, same as you, Sam, we’re going to have a laugh. Let’s see what happens, cheers!”

In the Beach Hut, Chris explains he is “absolutely fine” with Mike being back in the villa: “Liv wants me to not be OK with this. Over the next couple of days that we aren’t going to be speaking, she can do what she wants, she can entertain Mike or she can do what her heart wants to do. Whatever.

Love Island 2017: Mike and Sam return.
Love Island 2017: Mike and Sam return.

"I’m not going to put it on Liv and be like, ‘I want you back’… Liv wants me to lay it on her and show so much emotion that I’m not OK. I couldn’t give a damn about Mike, I beat him the first time. I’m one-nil up.”

After spending time with the group, Mike and Sam are by the fire pit.

Debriefing on who they fancy – they both agree they have eyes for Georgia and Tyla, but Mike is hatching a plan.

Mike says: “Right now my vibe is saying Georgia but it’s early. If every bird in here was single, I’d still go for them two, Georgia and Tyla.”

On Olivia, he says: “I’m going to play a little game with her if I can and see what happens. The way she [played a game] with me. If she tries to put it on me, I might just get a little bit of revenge. Revenge is sweet.”

Love Island: Olivia talks to Mike
Love Island: Olivia talks to Mike

In the Beach Hut, Mike adds: “Olivia said she is single and it’s done with her and Chris but I think I’d be a mug to believe that.

"She fed me a lot of rubbish last time so I might feed her a little bit of rubbish too.”

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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