Love Island 2017 fans accuse Olivia Attwood of 'BULLYING' Chris Hughes

Love Island 2017 Olivia

Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood's messy split on Love Island 2017 tonight was the talk of Twitter.

The pair's rows started in the aftermath of last night's eviction, were Olivia was revealed to have been one of the bottom four contestants.

She quickly got annoyed when Chris went to comfort Tyla, who was upset after being in the bottom two and waving goodbye to her love interest, Jonny.

Olivia went to speak to Chris in the garden: “I feel like we should sack this off now because I don’t think it’s going to work for you, it’s definitely, definitely not working for me. I knew that what’s happened over the last couple of days would put me in a vulnerable position.”

Love Island: Chris upset at Olivia row.
Love Island: Chris upset at Olivia row.

“You’re sacking us off because you were in the bottom four?” Chris asked her.

The next morning, Olivia went to cuddle up to Chris on the sofa where he had slept but he didn’t respond so she went to talk to Jamie in the kitchen.

Later on the terrace, Chris and Olivia tried to talk again with explosive results.

Olivia was unsure of what she wanted from Chris and he seemed unsure what she wanted of him. What they do both agreed on is that they keep arguing and can’t be right for each other.

Chris then said he still wanted to be friends but Olivia said they can’t be which saw things escalate into a huge argument.

It's fair to say that viewers were mostly on one side.

"If this was a guy berating his girl like this it'd be labelled as emotional abuse in seconds. Olivia. Stop. Bullying. Chris. #LoveIsland" one wrote online.


Another agreed: "Olivia is literally bullying Chris if this was a boy doing this to a girl he would probably be taken out! GET HER OUT 😩😠 #LoveIsland"

And a third of many added: "Olivia is such a nasty girl, such a bully she's literally bullying him #LoveIsland"

Love Island 2017 continues nightly on ITV2.

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