Love Island spoilers: Alex Beattie and Montana Brown make it official

Love Island: Montana and Alex romantic date.

Alex Beattie and Montana Brown have become official on Love Island 2017 tonight.

In this evening's episode, the loved couple get to spend some alone time away from the villa.

Montana gets a text: “Montana and Alex, it’s time for some one on one time. Please get ready to leave the villa. #allyoureggsinapicnicbasket #letshearyourchat”

Montana and Alex then head out to enjoy a romantic picnic date and talk about how things between them are going.

Montana and alex kiss.
Montana and alex kiss.

On the date, Alex says: “I don’t know how to put it into words because I’ve not had to say it before but, it’s a new experience to have someone in my life that I can just have a really good time with.

"It’s so easy with you, it’s so easy for me to get along with you, talk to you, you’ve made me feel like I’ve connected with you really well and I’ve never really had that before.”

Montana tells him: “I’ve surprised myself because at the beginning, I felt myself getting anxious about letting myself have feelings… It’s just been really nice for me to allow myself to like somebody for all the right reasons. I genuinely can’t fault you on anything.

"It’s nice but it’s a bit scary because I feel like each day, I do like you a bit more and I feel like I get closer to you every day as well.

Love Island: Alex and Montana
Love Island: Alex and Montana

"I just feel like I’ve got feelings already.”

Love is most certainly in the air for Alex and Montana and they went to the next stage when Alex asked: "Do you want to be my girlfriend?"

Montana showed her answer with a kiss before the pair returned to the villa to the others the news.

Love Island 2017 continues nightly on ITV2.

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