Love Island 2017 spoiler: Theo Campbell and Tyla Carr face off

Love Island 2017: Theo

Tyla Carr and Theo Campbell lock horns on Love Island 2017 tonight.

We saw Jonny Mitchell leave in last night's episode in a shock twist after he and Tyla came bottom of the public vote.

Tyla was left in tears by the exit but Theo caused a stir when he said that Tyla should leave with Jonny if she cared that much for him.

In tonight's show, Tyla is seen talking to the girls about how she is feeling about Theo.

Gabby explains in the Beach Hut: “The problem with Theo is he is a loveable rogue, he said his comment last night which annoyed everyone. In the heat of the moment, he says things off the top of his head, he is just a lad.”

Love Island 2017: Theo
Love Island 2017: Theo

Montana and Alex suggest he apologises to everyone and Kem helps Theo rally the Islanders into the garden so Theo can try and clear the air.

Theo says: “I just wanted to quickly clear the air from last night. I just want to explain what I was thinking. I was just a little bit annoyed, a bit upset with people saying I should have been in the bottom four and I was in a bit of a bad mood and I made a dig in that situation.

"I want to apologise.”

Tyla responds: “Jonny did a heroic thing by saying [to me] ‘You need to stay here’… and obviously I have feelings for him and that was never just going to disappear. I was already upset and that was just not even a dig at Jonny, it was a massive dig at me.”

Marcel tells Theo: “In future, when someone is going home and they’re not coming back, just have some respect for people’s time.

"He is not coming back and you kind of tarnished his [exit] so whenever people think about him leaving, they are going to think about you saying that to Tyla so just think twice before you say things.”

Gabby also adds she thought it was disrespectful when other Islanders laughed along with Theo.

Love Island 2017: Tyla
Love Island 2017: Tyla

They all decide to let that be the end of it and accept the apology - sort of.

Later Tyla talks to the girls: “I have forgiven Theo but there are plenty of other people in here if he needs a chat, he can go and talk to them…

"I’m not going to be horrible to him but I will try and avoid that at all costs because he’s just driving me a bit mad.”

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.