Love Island 2017 results! Who left? One contestant voted out in SHOCK twist

Tonight's Love Island 2017 results


Tonight's Love Island 2017 results are in and one contestant is out.

Jonny Mitchell was the one who left Love Island 2017 tonight in a truly shocking outcome.

The end of last night's episode (Monday) saw another public vote open with viewers voting for their favourite individual contestants.

Those with the fewest votes faced getting dumped from the show in tonight's episode (Tuesday).

Only one islander was safe: Newbie Georgia Harrison who is immune from the vote.

Love Island 2017 results
Love Island 2017 results

In this evening's episode, things started at the firepit when Kem got a message explaining that the public had been voting for their favourite Islander and that the Islanders with the fewest votes risked being dumped from the Island tonight.

Marcel was next to get a text revealing who the four Islanders with the fewest votes were in no particular order Tyla, Jonny, Amber and Olivia.

Camilla then got a text: “The two islanders with the fewest votes now have a big decision to make.

"One of them will be dumped from the Island tonight and they must decide between themselves who that is.”

The last text arrived for Montana: "The two islanders with the fewest votes who face that decision are Jonny and Tyla."

The pair then went away from the group to discuss their decision.

"I'm going," Tyla immediately declared.

Love Island: Jonny
Love Island: Jonny

"It's not up for discussion," Jonny insisted as the couple each put themselves forward to leave.

"I'm going to go and it's fine and it doesn't matter, you're the best surprise I've had in here, I've had a good time, I'm making the decision I'm going to go," Jonny concluded.

With that, Jonny left the villa as the other islanders watched on.

Love Island 2017 continues nightly on ITV2.

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