Love Island 2017: Theo Campbell makes a move on Tyla Carr - but is she interested?

Love Island 2017 spoilers

Theo and Tyla chat.

Theo Campbell puts the moves on Tyla Carr in tonight's Love Island - but is she into him?

Theo picked Tyla to couple with last Friday night, causing anger from her original partner Jonny.

But since then, Tyla and Jonny had quite the falling out resulting in her breaking things off with him last night.

With Jonny now out of the pictures, in this evenings episode Theo tries to make his move on Tyla.

“I just wanted to see if we’re going to have a little fresh slate? You’ve got to put your bad judgements to the side,” he tells her.

Love Island: Theo.
Love Island: Theo.

“We can see how things go but I don’t want to promise you that I will think that things will go further because I am extremely dubious,” she admits, “I don’t want it to sound in a horrible way because I do get on with you like a house on fire…

"I just I can’t see that happening… Everyone thinks me and you are going to be a thing, we’ll just see.”

Theo says in the Beach Hut that he has taken this as a challenge: “I’m quite good at reading people and she’s trying to be headstrong and say the right things. Girls do like saying there’s no chance, just for their own entertainment. She knows deep down she just wants to be swayed.”

Later in the bedroom, Theo and Chris are talking about Theo’s feelings for Tyla as Chris suggests that Theo is in love.

“I don’t want to say I like someone who doesn’t like me… but I think so. I’ve said I had a plan, first things first, get Jonny out the picture,” Theo says.

“Done, mission accomplished,” Chris replies.

“Secondly, get friendly with her, make her laugh, have good banter with her, get that ball rolling a bit,” Theo continues.

“Done,” Chris declares.

“By the end of the week, we’ll be sharing a bed, legit. I think it might happen tonight. Last part of the plan, get the kiss. That’s the four part plan executed," Theo reveals.

Love Island: Theo tells Chris his plan for Tyla.
Love Island: Theo tells Chris his plan for Tyla.

Meanwhile, it seems as though Jonny is set to move on from Tyla.

Jonny and Montana are sunbathing and chatting when Montana reveals she reckons Georgia might be interested in Jonny. He says he feels quite wary after Tyla but says he will get to know Georgia.

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.